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SBC DSL outgoing (SMTP) email errors.

SBC Internet Services (SBCIS) is taking steps to help combat junk email and spam by implementing outbound SMTP port controls.  SBCIS began filtering Port 25 to separate outbound SMTP mail from dynamic IP mail. Most SBCIS Members already use SBCIS or Yahoo! SMTP mail servers for outbound email and will not be impacted by this filter.

However, SBC Internet Customers that have their own domain email (such as a private company, ministry or school).  Will not be able to send outbound email until one of the following actions are taken:

  1. Convert your outgoing mail to the SBC mail servers.
  2. Contact your server administrator for information about alternate access methods allowing connectivity to the 3rd party mail server (i.e., VPN, Web mail or Outlook Web Access).
  3. Request that SBC removes the SMTP port filter from your account: see their Abuse of Service form, enter the details of your request in the Abuse Description field.

If you still have questions or need help getting your mail to work, please contact Familynet Tech Support.

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