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Windows NT Setup Instructions

Please note: Windows NT may invoke a wizard to setup the following properties if this is your first time seting up a dialup connection for the Dial-Up Adapter. If not proceed with the following steps:


Note: This setup is just a guide and FamilyNet cannot take responsibility for any
difficulty that you may encounter. Windows NT is considered a professional product
and FamilyNet Technical Support can only supply limited support for NT4 Workstation.
NT4 server is not supported. FamilyNet highly RECOMMENDS that setting up Internet Access should only be done by Network Administrators due to possibilities of allowing unauthorized access to your machine or internal network.


Windows NT 4.0 Dial-Up Networking (DUN) is very similar to the Windows 95 DUN.
Below is a tutorial which will guide you through installing the Remote Access Service
(RAS) and configuring DUN to connect to FamilyNet.


1. Check to see if Remote Access Service (RAS) is installed in the Network Control Panel. Refer to FIG 1-1. If RAS is installed go to the next step.

FIG 1-1

2. If you do not see the Remote Access Service in the above screen click on add and another screen will pop up as shown below in FIG 1-2.

FIG 1-2

3. Highlight Remote Access Service and click on OK. You will probably be required to insert your Windows NT CD to copy files.


Setting Up Your Dial-Up Networking Connection

1. From the Network Control Panel, double click on Remote Access Service. If no serial ports have been configured click on Add otherwise select the appropriate serial port and click on Configure.

2. If you have not currently set up a modem device then the following screen will appear. Refer to FIG 2-1.

FIG 2-1.

3. The following screens are an example of the likely configuration of your Windows NT Workstation. It is advisable that you seek assistance from your network administrator if at all possible due to the restriction of tasks that you may or may not be able to carry out.

FIG 2-2


FIG 2-3


FIG 2-4


FIG 2-5


4. Now we have to set up RAS to dial out. Click on Configure. Select Dial Out Only as shown in FIG 2-7. You can also use RAS to accept incoming calls but this is a security risk. Click on OK to return to the Remote Access Setup screen.

FIG 2-6


5. Click on Network and ensure that TCP/IP is selected as shown in FIG 2-8. Click on OK and then click on Continue. This will bring you back to the Network Control Panel. Click on Close and select Yes when asked to restart your machine.

FIG 2-7

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