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Dial-Up Internet Special!

Family Value Dial-Up
  • Only $7.50/mo*
  • Up to Ten E-mail Addresses
  • Standard Dial-up Internet
  • Filters pornography
  • Tulsa area only

* $90 / year (equals $7.50/mo)
or $9.95 / month (month to month)

Family Gold Dial-Up

  • Supports 56KV.90 & V.92
  • Modems and 64K ISDN
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 20 MB Web Space

$17.95 / month
$189.95 / year

  • 128K ISDN
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 20 MB Web Space

Web Design

Value Web Design
  • Non-transactional, informational website
  • Various website packages
  • FrontPage sites available
Starting at $89.95
Call for more info

Website Add-Ons
  • Form options
  • Shopping Cart
  • Back Office
  • Extensive Statistics
  • Databases

Call for more info

Website Maintenance

$40 / hour
Call for more info


FamilyNet Broadband Filter

FamilyNet Filter
for DSL/Cable
  • Pornography filter.
  • Works with your DSL and Cable Internet!
Only $59.95/year


Value Web Hosting
  • First Month Free
  • Up to 20 megs of web space
  • No databases or scripts
  • Unlimited Domain E-mail
Only $9.95/mo
Call for more info

Professional Web Hosting
  • Windows Server or Linux
  • Multiple Scripting Options
  • Unlimited Domain Email
  • Database Options

$24.95 / month
Call for more info

Dedicated Hosting
  • Windows Server starting at $250 / month
  • Linux Server starting at
    $200 / month

Call for more info


  • 1U to 42U Rack Mount Options
  • Tower or Rack Configuration
  • Redundant Backbone
  • Connectivity
  • Various Bandwidth Options

Starting at $150 / month
Call for more info

E-mail Access
FamilyNet E-mail Access
  • Up to 10 E-mail Addresses
  • Spam Protection
  • Must have an ISP already

$24 / year
Call for more info

Domain E-mail Access

  • Host your domain e-mail with us!
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Manage Your Own Accounts
  • Must have an ISP already

$5.95 / month
Call for more info

Our Services
The FamilyNet filter transparently monitors web traffic and blocks known inappropriate sites. Our connection network supports V.90, V.92, Frame Relay and ISDN connections.

We provide business solutions including broadband connectivity, co-location, and hosting (including Windows 2000 Server and Linux based hosting).

More Details...

Our services and projects support the latest software including Microsoft FrontPage 2002 and server extensions, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe, CGI Scripts, PERL, Java, PHP, ASP, C/C++, ORBacus, Corba, COM, DCOM, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS Visual Studio. Our web solutions run on our high performance Windows 2000, Linux, Dell Poweredge, Sun SPARC, HP/Compaq Proliant based servers running Apache and Microsoft IIS web servers.

The FamilyNet network exists as an autonomous system through true multi-homed connections to the Internet backbone. Our edge routers peer with WorldCom/UUNET, COX and SBC to provide stable connectivity and reliability. Our servers and equipment are protected by APC's legendary uninterruptible power supplies assuring high availability. High speed DSL connections are provided by our ATM routers. Dial-up service is provided by our V.90 Lucent Portmasters and Patton V.92 RAS via digital connections and a pool of digital modems. Dedicated connections, co-location servers and web sites are enhanced by our state-of-the art Cisco Routers and HP ProCurve and 3COM Switches.

Our Clients...

We are pleased to currently serve families, individuals, churches, ministries, schools, institutions, organizations, domestic and international companies and corporations. Our clients join us in upholding the family friendly internet philosophy. We would be delighted to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Ministry, Church and Educational Discounts are Available

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